Abu Hashem Warehouse


In front of a large warehouse sits one of the symbols of the Imamate dynasty
On one side of the warehouse there are large bags (sacks) stuffed with small pieces of cloth embroidered with stars, eagles and swords (military ranks).

The militia has ways to mobilize, including that, with every need of the tribesmen, some of them are summoned to the door of the rammed warehouse (in ranks) and those ranks are distributed to them in whole and in part. .) As soon as they stand in front of (the sack of ranks), they kiss their master’s knee and howl with a scream.

Those officers who graduated from (Abu Hashem Warehouse) jump to the point of death, and if they were overthrown in the mountains, their ranks did not enrich them, but they had (bait and a trap) for them to return as boxers (bags) and for their pictures and names to be crucified on the dynastic Wailing Wall which every day is expanded to crucify everyone who passes by On the warehouse ranks to promote fools and dupes

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