Accelerated collapse of the Houthis in Hodeidah and Taiz .. and the joint forces expel the militias from strategic areas (latest developments)


The joint forces managed to liberate large areas along the fighting fronts in the governorates of Hodeidah and Taiz, amid the rapid collapse of the Houthi militia.

And media sources said, today, Monday, that the joint forces launched a military operation that resulted in the liberation of large areas and strategic mountains, in the districts of Hays and Jabal Ras in the Hodeidah governorate, and another in the Maqbna district of Taiz governorate, during the past hours.

The sources pointed out that the joint forces expelled the Houthi militia from Mount Al-Maghrib in the Jabal Ras district and Jabal Al-Abed axis overlooking the Jabal Ras district in Hodeidah governorate.

It also managed to liberate the Al-Ruwaynah, Al-Suhaira, Al-Tur, and many mountains in the Maqbna District, Taiz Governorate.

The sources added that the forces took control of the mountains of Ghazieh, Hbeitan, Qahbar, Omar and al-Dabbas Bab al-Faj in the Hays district, west of Hodeidah.

The joint forces have made qualitative progress in the governorates of Taiz and Hodeidah, days after their sudden withdrawal from the city of Hodeidah, which they said comes in implementation of the Stockholm Agreement.

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