Accelerated victories of the joint forces… and tightening control over the entrances to the first cities of Taiz Governorate


The joint resistance forces tightened their control over ruling positions in Taiz Governorate, western Yemen, in rapid victories on a number of fronts.

Media sources said that the joint forces managed, today, Saturday, to tighten their control at the entrances to the city of Al-Barh, west of Taiz, in addition to a number of mountains adjacent to the city.

The sources added that the joint forces also took control of the Al-Araf mountains overlooking Hais and Al-Barah and advancing to the southern entrance to the city of Al-Barh.

It also managed to take control of Mount Al-Ruwayna, the entrance to the “Shamir Maqbna” road.

The joint forces advanced and took control of the village of “Al-Qudhaiba”, south of the western coast.

Earlier, multiple sources confirmed the forces’ control over the entire Hays district, and expelled the Houthi militia from a number of areas in the Al-Jarrahi district, south of Hodeidah.

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