Acknowledging ignorance is the beginning of knowledge


I think that it is high time for the Yemeni political forces, including the constituent system of the national movement in its historical tracks, to admit that it is they who have caused the failure of their projects and the grinding down of the national project through their differences, conflicts, and conspiracies against themselves and against each other.
And as it is said that “recognition of ignorance is the beginning of knowledge”, the recognition of this fact is the beginning of reforming the situation at a time when the state of Yemen will not be straightened except through such a decisive confrontation with oneself.
The political forces lived in a state of terrible contradiction: between the great sacrifices they made for their national project on the one hand, and the corresponding dismantling of their internal system through struggles in which the incentives and conditions for sticking to the path that would lead them to the end of the journey on the other hand were dampened.
It broke its projects at the first juncture, so instead of looking at the project it was carrying as one of the levers of that great national project, it turned it into an alternative project, and turned it into a thick club to destroy the other, and that would have contributed to the destruction of this other.
The destruction of the other was a method based on the “I am the best” principle. It used evil mechanisms that controlled the decision, which did not stop at the conflict with the other, but then extended to the internal structure of each party to do its work in accordance with the same approach, “I am the best.”
How many times have some emerged victorious by violence and war to continue to destroy and crush the other.
Instead of heading towards building the state in which everyone organizes, a state that protects their rights and preserves their citizenship, they were moving away from everything that would qualify them to establish such a state by emptying life from the political project and injecting it with more elements of war.
During more than sixty years, these forces broke their projects, crushed themselves, and conspired against each other, and threw the national project naked, tossed by waves of disappointment and refraction.. They kept the doors open to the movement of regression to the back after the masses were marginalized and their role in the battle of the national project was absent, and were replaced by the forces of Political disjointed and inhabited by conflicts, and if it moved among the masses, it would distort and condemn each other to destroy, and in a deliberate manner, one of the levers of that project to establish a culture of violence in its most bitter and contemptuous manifestations of human will.
Unity was raised in the face of the national state, and all just issues, including the issue of the south, were consumed in the disappointments that established the failure to include all aspects of life.
Today, the gap in which the factors of societal disintegration are gathering is widening in a way that the national project of the state is no longer present after the Houthis raised their sectarian project in the face of this state, and it seemed to be expanding within a ground threatened by value collapses.
It is not enough to resist the Houthi project militarily, unless these forces are able to regain the political initiative that would enable them to discover the defect that led to this disintegration in the ranks of the resistance.
The incitement to raise the “Adeni” project in the face of the Al-Hanoub issue will only be an example of incitement against Taiz, and the penetration of Ma’rib with pockets entrenched in the areas of tribal division will only be an example of the strange logic that sees the resistance of the West Coast take place outside its environment, and the search for a scapegoat for this tragedy will not be Other than a scrawny repetition of a poor political history, some insist on adopting it with political motives that will pave the way for a rotten meal.

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