Aden is at the heart of the challenge


With all the meaning of the word challenge, it can be said that Aden today is at the center of this challenge, on which the future of Yemen and the entire region depends.

We do not say that an exaggeration in measuring the extent of the challenge that the Iranian-Houthi sectarian project poses to the region with all the disputes, conflicts, divisions and wars it creates, and with all the groups it creates that have no function other than sabotaging the national state, and adherence to pre-state formations to remain the incubator in which their tampering with the state thrives. and capabilities of the people.

The visit of a delegation from the European Union to Aden a few days ago, and its meeting with the government and a number of political actors, interacted with this challenge in a way that Aden regained its role and position as the country awaits political and military developments in the face of the expansion of this project.

Whatever the results of this visit, it came to confirm the support of the international community for the return of the government to Aden and its positive impact in correcting the dysfunctional equation that many have been using from different premises to detract from the system of legitimacy and its capacity to resist and break this project that harbors evil for Yemen and its people.

The return of the government to work from inside the temporary capital, Aden, has remained an obsession for the Houthis, and therefore they have always worked to obstruct the return so that the “hotel government” song, which was launched by their media, remains a platform for anyone who wants to make a statement that perpetuates despair and spreads frustration.. and let us remember the missiles they fired at the airport Aden, the day the government returned a year ago, and claimed the lives of dozens of civilians in a terrorist act that can only be described as a war crime committed by this terrorist group to prevent the government’s return to Yemen because it knew the implications of this return.

The message carried by the terrorist bombing at the entrance to Aden airport two days ago, which claimed the lives of children and civilians, and caused great destruction to private properties of citizens, pours into the same stream that targets Aden for the second, third and fourth time, to cause a deeper break in the souls that were optimistic about correcting the course of the battle.. and here The fact lies in the fact that this malicious project is trying to rebuild itself in the liberated lands by employing its capabilities in direct penetration with these terrorist acts, and by using the cracks that ensured the coverage of terrorist acts for this project due to accounts whose owners do not see the problem other than what allows them to see these cracks from the size of the scene.

While some of the strength and capabilities of the resistance to this emergency law are still facing each other in more than one place, those who are not affiliated with this group are used to cover the futility of the Iranian regime and its group, are working to limit their betrayal by exaggerating the Houthi “victories” to cause a break in societal awareness that helps them. To hide in the smoke of the gloom caused by the paths of war, terrorist acts, and unfortunate confrontations between the wings of the resistance on more than one level.

Lebanon is a model for what awaits Yemen in the event that the Iranian project is able to expand on its soil.. If Lebanon, by its modesty in the balance of the regional equation, has worked for Hezbollah to disrupt its national and patriotic choices, and turn it into a platform of influence for the Iranian regime and its role in confusing the future of the Arab region Yemen, in its size and position, will be a larger starting base for this regime, which has taken upon itself the task of destroying the national and Arab project for considerations that can not be searched for in the archives of history only, but also in the data of the era, as this system is based on a system of sectarian ideological references that operate Through it, the national fabric of Arab societies is torn apart, and the resulting conflict is used to serve its interests, which are rooted in the heart of these torn sectarian structures.

The Houthis, and behind them Iran and the forces of terrorism that are infiltrating the cracks in which the body of the resistance is filled, have harnessed all their tools and the possibilities and conditions that the war provided for them to expand the area of ​​violence and destruction with the aim of producing settlement conditions that make them the armed and most influential force to play the same role as Hezbollah in Lebanon ; Hold on to the decision, or delay it, and put the future of Yemen in the same path that Hezbollah is setting Lebanon today, and when any problem comes out Abdul Malik Al Houthi to challenge everyone that he has two hundred thousand fighters ready to resolve the dispute and take up the “issue”.

Today, there is no choice but for the government to continue its work from inside Aden, so that this reflects a coherent and fateful position that awaits Yemen from real dangers. It must be pointed out here that all the political forces and the various parties involved in resisting this destructive sectarian project must agree that everything that divides them is solvable in comparison to the dangers the country faces from falling under Iranian influence, and what this may cause in transforming Yemen. To a base of confrontation with its Arab surroundings, a trap that Yemen cannot fall into no matter how diligent the treacherous utter the absurd phrase of the war, which these people only intend to justify the Houthi coup and its betrayal of the national consensus. By force of arms, they are on a different path to the path agreed upon by the political forces, and when we follow the Houthis’ rejection of the peace project, it is in line with the need of the Iranian regime, which employs wars in the region for the benefit of its project.

Be confident that Aden will be up to the challenge, as it has always been.. The important thing is for everyone to overcome differences in a spirit consistent with the opportunity this city provides to regain the initiative.

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