Aden is on a hot plate and the situation is exploding (details)


Local sources confirmed that the temporary Yemeni capital, Aden (southern Yemen), which is controlled by the Southern Transitional Council, is on a hot plate, and the situation is likely to explode at any moment.

The sources stated that the situation in Aden is about to explode, due to the almost complete lack of basic services such as electricity and water and the deterioration of the living situation.

The sources also confirmed that the collapse of the national currency, the high food prices and the absence of the legitimate government created a state of resentment and congestion among the people of the temporary capital, Aden.

For days, the governorates of Aden, Hadhramaut and Taiz have been witnessing angry protests denouncing the deterioration of services and the significant rise in food prices due to the unprecedented deterioration in the history of the Yemeni riyal. Where the price of one dollar exceeded 1200 riyals.

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