Aden security publishes the official version of the airport bombing


A short while ago, the Media Office of the Security Administration of the Capital, Aden, published an official statement, in which the account of the bombing that targeted the external gate of Aden International Airport, hours ago.
In the details, the office said: “Terrorist elements detonated a car bomb this evening near the first checkpoint to enter Aden International Airport in the city of Khor Maksar in the capital, Aden, which led to the deaths of five martyrs and more than 25 wounded, including children and women, in an unending toll of the bombing.”
He added, “The security services cordoned off the scene of the explosion, while medical teams began ambulances for the wounded to a number of hospitals in the capital, Aden.”
Regarding the nature of the bombing, the office said: “Terrorist elements had detonated a Hilux car near the first security checkpoint to enter Aden International Airport, which led to the burning and damage of a number of cars and homes of citizens in the residential neighborhood.”
In this context, the office said: “While the Aden Security Department expresses its condolences to the families of the martyrs and solidarity with the wounded and wishes them a speedy recovery, it affirms that those terrorist elements involved in this treacherous operation that affected innocent civilians will not escape punishment and that the security services will continue their battle against terrorism.” wherever it is found.”
Regarding the purpose of these actions, the office said in its statement: “The Aden Security Department confirms that these desperate operations of killing and terrorist groups in Aden come after the security stability in the capital and within the terrorist attempts of criminal elements to send messages to the world that the capital is not safe, especially since the bombing came after the arrival of a number of One of the ambassadors of the European Union to the capital, Aden.

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