Adult morals .. Al-Hamdi and Al-Aini


The late great politician Mohsen Al-Aini mentioned in his memoirs how, when there was no harmony between him and the late leader Ibrahim Al-Hamdi that the latter went to his house in the morning, they ate breakfast together, then Ibrahim Al-Aini said, “I brought you to work as prime minister with the president, not for the president to work with you.” So he gathered The latter did his things with conviction and understanding of the circumstances of the stage with some bitterness and dignity as a human being and left the country.

And when I visited Al-Ainy at his home in Cairo in late 2020, I asked him, “Didn’t this matter leave you a bit of bitterness toward Ibrahim?” His answer was, “No, not at all. He has removed from my chest the concerns that have burdened me throughout my presidency of four governments.”

Al-Aini seemed realistic in acknowledging the change of circumstances and the difficulty of thinking in one way and working in a harmonious manner with the newcomer to power, and that he is from one generation and Abraham is from another generation.

I asked him, are you satisfied with Ibrahim? He replied, “Absolutely.” I told him why.” He replied that Ibrahim had scored four points:

1- He refused to go to war with the south when he was assigned to lead a front in the central region during the seventies of the last century.

2- His sponsorship of the experience of the civil cooperation bodies for development, which brought about levels of development that the state agencies were unable to keep pace with.

3- Reducing the influence of the tribal institution within the state apparatus, despite all the enmity, incitement and conspiracy that this entailed.

4- His attempt to enhance the independence of the Yemeni decision-making, which brought him to the point of turning against him in a tragic manner that is morally and politically unacceptable.

Are there adults like these today?

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