After 24 days of the suffocating siege … the legendary military steadfastness of slavery and the hysterical Houthi reaction, “field developments”


Military sources revealed the latest developments in the field situation in the Abdiya district, south of Ma’rib Governorate.
The sources confirmed the continuation of violent battles, between the forces of the National Army, backed by the popular resistance of the people of the district, and the Houthis, since Thursday morning until now, “the moment of writing the news.”
The sources pointed out that the army and the resistance confronted all advances and attempts to infiltrate the terrorist Houthi militia towards army positions and incursion into the besieged district.
According to the sources, the heroes of the army and tribes reap the visions of all the Houthi groups that are trying to advance towards their positions.
The sources pointed out that the militia, as usual, resorts to defeats to target civilians, as it rained missiles and artillery shells on villages and citizens’ homes.
Recently, the local authorities in Marib Governorate declared Al-Abdiya district as a disaster area, after 24 days of the suffocating Houthi siege.
The Houthi militia, earlier, bombed the only hospital in the district, which greatly exacerbated the humanitarian crisis, amid international and regional silence.

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