After a new advance, the “Houthis” publish a picture in front of the “Bhaibah” house, south of Marib, and others call for its detonation


Today, Tuesday, Houthi activists posted on their social media accounts a picture of their members in front of the house of Major General Mufreh Buhaibah, located in Al-Juba District, south of Marib Governorate.

Other activists responded that the house should be blown up, because Major General Buhaibah refused to respond to the Houthi rebels, and emphasized confronting them until the last moment.

The Houthi rebels advanced to the al-Juba market amid continuous clashes with the Yemeni army forces backed by tribesmen; According to local sources.

Houthi military spokesman, Yahya Saree, announced that the militia had managed to liberate a total area of ​​600 square kilometers during what he called Operation Dawn of Victory to control Marib.

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