After a video clip of military actions was leaked, details of Houthi referral of Sanaa airport employees for investigation


The Houthi militia referred four employees at Sanaa International Airport for investigation after a video clip was leaked to carry out military operations at the airport.

Security sources told “The Yemeni Scene” today, Wednesday, that the Houthis referred four employees at Sana’a International Airport for investigation, just two days after a video clip was leaked of the militia carrying out military actions at the airport and it was shown in Arab and local media.

The sources added that the four employees were transferred to the Security and Intelligence Service, the largest Houthi intelligence agency, in which the Houthi militia recently merged the Preventive Security Agency, National Security and Political Security into one after the exclusion of all former employees affiliated with the regime, former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was killed by the Houthi militia. In December 2017.

The sources confirmed that the Houthis re-reviewed the previous video clips, including the filming of moral guidance and in their channels, to find out who filmed the video clip at Sanaa Airport, in which a video of an electronic booth on board a Houthi Toyota four-wheel drive vehicle appeared in the process of controlling the drones.

The Houthi militia unloaded all the video clips recorded by the surveillance cameras at Sana’a International Airport, in which the Houthi militia had previously dismissed all former employees and replaced new employees affiliated with the militia, who secretly transport shipments from aboard UN planes.

A number of political analysts and media sources expected that the Iranian military governor, Hassan Erlo, appointed under the name of Iran’s ambassador in Sana’a, had entered the capital, Sana’a, with a number of Iranian experts, through Sana’a airport.

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