After an attack with 10 coordinates, Houthi leaders were killed and the results of the battles that took place during the past 24 hours in Marib were revealed.


Military and field sources revealed the results of the battles that took place during the past 24 hours, between the forces of the National Army, backed by the popular resistance, and the Houthi coup militia, in Marib Governorate.

She said that during the past hours, the Houthi militia launched more than ten attacks on the positions of the National Army and the Resistance, along the southern front in Marib.

The sources confirmed that the army and resistance forces managed to repel all the attacks, confirming the death of most of the attacking Houthi elements, including three field leaders in the militias.

The National Army forces also managed to destroy two armored vehicles and burn three Houthi militia crews on the southern front in Ma’rib, according to the “Saba” media center.

Earlier, the Armed Forces Media Center said that Arab coalition fighters had targeted several raids on gatherings of the Iran-backed Houthi militia on the Harib front, southeast of Marib.

He stressed that the raids resulted in the destruction of four crews (military vehicles) and the killing of all those on board of the Houthi coup militia, on the same front.

He stressed the continuation of the violent battles waged by the heroes of the army and the popular resistance against the Iranian-backed Houthi militia on the various fighting fronts south of Marib Governorate.

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