After an emergency meeting, Ma’rib announces that it has been let down politically and militarily and confirms the failure of the legitimacy leadership and sends an urgent call


The political parties and forces in the Marib Governorate (eastern Yemen), announced on Monday that the governorate had been betrayed by the leadership of the legitimate government at various levels, politically, militarily, economically and in the media.

And she said in a statement seen by “The Yemeni Scene”, that the Sharia leadership has failed miserably in its responsibilities at various levels, politically, militarily, economically, and in the media and at all levels locally, regionally and internationally, a failure that was reflected in the resistance project to overthrow the coup and restore the republic.

The political parties and forces condemned the betrayal of the legitimate leadership of Marib while it was engaged in a fateful local and national battle, and the leadership of the legitimacy campaign was fully responsible for everything that resulted in that shameful betrayal.

It also strongly condemned the continuation of the Houthi war on Marib, its residents, displaced people, and its facilities, and the brutal incursion in killing and destruction, which is taking place in front of the eyes and ears of the world, and at the same time it condemns the silence of the international and regional community regarding these inhumane crimes.

The political parties and forces expressed their deep surprise at the performance of the Arab alliance and its mismanagement of the task entrusted to it.

The political parties and forces called on the people of Marib in particular and the free people of Yemen in general to mobilize and unify all local and national energies and capabilities and direct them towards the task of defending Marib, while at the same time calling on everyone to unite more in the face of the challenges surrounding the national project.

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