After creating the gas crisis, the Houthis angered the citizens by announcing the seizure of 25 tons of gas and 3,377 gas cylinders


The Houthi militia’s announcement of controlling gas smuggling operations to their areas of control provoked an angry popular reaction, especially that citizens are suffering from a stifling crisis in domestic gas, whose price has risen to more than 13,000 riyals in most areas.

Local sources told the Yemeni scene that many citizens expressed their anger at the Houthis on social media platforms, commenting on the Houthi militia’s announcement through the anti-smuggling unit of the emergency forces in the Al-Bayda governorate under its control and headed by Ali Hussein Al-Houthi, which considered this a security achievement.

A statistic issued by the so-called anti-smuggling unit in Al-Bayda governorate stated that 25 tons of gas, 3,377 gas cylinders and 34,274 liters of smuggled oil derivatives were seized.

Security sources told the Yemeni scene earlier that the Houthis prevented the entry of gas from the areas of the legitimate government by confiscating a number of small and medium transport trucks and looting gas cylinders after accusing them of smuggling gas in an attempt by the Houthis to create a suffocating crisis in their areas of control in order to sympathize with international organizations and the international community It is a Houthi strategy that the militia repeatedly uses to live the role of victimhood despite its practice of oppression against all Yemenis, even those who are loyal to them.

The sources confirmed that these Houthi actions created a crisis in domestic gas, especially in Ibb governorate, where the price of a gas cylinder reached more than 15,000 riyals and 13,000 riyals in the capital, Sanaa, and its suburbs.

The sources indicated that the Houthis are fabricating crises in order to achieve large financial returns in the black market sales that follow the Houthi militia and its leaders who support the militia.

The Houthi militia reduced the process of filling a gas cylinder from 20 kilos per cylinder to 15 kilos, in a clear theft of a quarter of the quantity, in addition to raising its price ten times from the price compared to sales operations in the legitimate government areas.

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