After expelling the transitional forces and completing their control.. See the initial pictures of the Yemeni army inside the Al-Alam camp in Shabwa


Today, Saturday, the Yemeni army announced securing the Al-Alam camp in the Jardan district of Shabwa governorate (south of the country), hours after controlling it, and expelling the Southern Transitional Council militia.
The Yemeni army said that its forces implemented a deployment plan to secure the Al-Alam camp and its surroundings, after the military tension in the camp ended this morning, Saturday.
The army deployed military patrols in the vicinity of the camp, while military units were stationed inside it, after the departure of the so-called Shabwani Elite of the Southern Transitional Council.
The army distributed masts to its forces deployed inside and around the camp, which showed a large deployment of military forces and vehicles.
It is worth noting that Emirati forces, who were stationed in the camp, left a few days ago towards Saudi Arabia, and handed over the camp to the loyal and backed Shabwani Elite Forces.

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