After four countries cut their relations with Lebanon, what is the official position of the Yemeni government regarding the crisis of Qardahi’s statements?


The statements of the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, regarding the war in Yemen, sparked a major diplomatic crisis between his country and Arab countries.
In an official position, the Yemeni government denounced, in its meeting, yesterday, the statements of Minister Qardahi, which are offensive to Yemen and the Arab coalition in support of legitimacy.
The Cabinet said that Qardahi’s statements are in line with the militia rhetoric of Iran’s arms in the region.
The Council affirmed its support for any measures taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs in this regard.
The Council also referred to Iran’s attempts, through its arms in the Arab region, particularly the Houthi militia in Yemen and Hezbollah in Lebanon, to turn these countries into a foothold for destabilizing stability, targeting Arab national security and threatening international interests.
The Council of Ministers renewed its complete rejection of everything that affects the security and stability of the Arab Gulf states and the rest of the Arab countries, and its support for all that the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia takes to protect its security and stability.

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