After her divorce “in absentia” .. a media person storms the “marital home” with a special guard and confiscates his property


The lawyer of the Egyptian artist, Mustafa Fahmy, announced that his ex-wife, the Lebanese media, Faten Moussa, stormed an apartment they lived in before the separation, accompanied by private guards, “Body Guard”, and confiscated the property of the house; According to the media.

Lawyer Sana Lahzi said, in a statement, that the artist, Mostafa Fahmy, “was surprised, while he was outside Cairo, by a phone call from the guard of the property in which his father’s apartment is located, to inform him that his ex-wife came with a large number of bodyguards, and two unknown women, claiming that one of them is her mother, They broke into the apartment, after breaking the locks.”

She indicated that they “began to seize the money and belongings inside the house of him and his brother Hussein Fahmy, as the apartment contains papers, documents, sums of money and the entire family’s belongings.”

The apartment that was stormed belongs to the family of Mustafa Fahmy and his brother Hussein, who were born in it, and the famous artist lived in it with Faten Moussa, before separating from it.

The lawyer added that “Faten Moussa, gave her divorced a choice between returning her to his infallibility, and creating problems and scandals for him, in an attempt to drag him into a cheap way of dealing, and lowering him to situations that he did not accept or follow throughout his life.”

She said, “Mostafa Fahmy called his law firm, to immediately take legal measures” about what happened.

Fahmy confirmed, according to Sana Lahzi, that “he does not mind giving her all her legal and legal rights, upon her arrival in Egypt, by contacting his legal agent, either by herself, or through an official representative to receive her.”

Fahmy had announced his divorce from Musa, in absentia, during the past few days, as this news occupied social networking sites, especially since the relationship between them was very good, and the divorce came suddenly.

His lawyer’s statement revealed, “The divorce of artist Mustafa Fahmy from Faten Musa took place on October 26, after a marriage that lasted about 4 years, as their marriage took place on August 6, 2017, and Faten was informed of the official announcement of the divorce, in addition to the announcement that was made about Through social networking sites, and confirmed by the artist’s agent.”

The Lebanese media, Faten Moussa, confirmed in a statement that she had received the news of her divorce in absentia through the lawyer, after elusiveness from her and her ex-wife.

Faten described the absentee divorce as “shock”, “because of her knowledge of the news from the lawyer and through the social media.”

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