After his arrest by the militias … Houthi Zaynabis looted the house of a Salafi sheikh in Sana’a


Local sources revealed that the Houthi militia, through its women’s forces (Zeinabiyat), stormed the house of a Salafi sheikh in the capital, Sana’a, two days after his arrest after the militias stormed the Al-Fateh Mosque, located on Baihan Street in Sana’a, on which it was located.

The sources confirmed that dozens of Zainabiyat broke into the house of the Salafi Sheikh “Muhammad Al-Qaisi”, who is based on the Al-Fath Mosque in Bihan Street in Al-Qadisiyah, and looted all its contents, in addition to looting two of his cars and a personal weapon that was in the house.

According to the sources, the militias brought the Salafi sheikh to his house, while he was wearing the prison uniform, and tampered with the contents of his house, then returned him to prison again.

It is noteworthy that the Houthi militia had stormed, on Wednesday, the Al-Fath Mosque of the Salafis in the Al-Qadisiyah neighborhood in the capital, Sanaa, and arrested Sheikh “Mohammed Al-Qaisi”.

The sources indicated that the Houthi militia imposed a preacher from its members to deliver the Friday sermon, but he did not last in his sermon, as he came down from the pulpit a few minutes after ascending, when the worshipers left the mosque and left it empty.

The Salafists in the Houthi-controlled areas were subjected to widespread violations and harassment, and the militias confiscated the mosques they were in, forcing many of them to leave their areas towards the liberated areas.

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