After his message from Marib to the West Coast .. “Al-Arada” honors a journalist with the forces of Tariq Saleh


Today, Saturday, the Governor of Marib Governorate, Major General Sultan bin Ali Al-Arada, honored the media figure in the National Resistance Forces, Kamel Al-Khoudani, with the governorate shield.

This came after Al-Khoudani sent a positive message registered towards the oneness of the path describing the national battle (national resistance – a national army), as reflected in the posts of activists and tweeters on Twitter and Facebook, last Tuesday, accompanied by the commander of the Third Brigade that extended the National Army, Abdul Majeed Al-Bakri.

Al-Khoudani said in his message, “From Sapphire in particular, because of its symbolism and importance, and to deny and refute the allegations of the militias and inform them of reaching or approaching Safir, it is a battle and the dignity of the homeland, not a battle of a party, group or class.”

He reiterated what Major General Sultan al-Arada, the governor of Ma’rib, said recently, “Even if Hussein al-Houthi rose from his grave, his legions would not enter Ma’rib.”

This comes in the wake of constant calls and calls towards activating the rhetoric of the one national row and taking practical measures to restore the reins and resort to the military initiative and principles in the open confrontation with the militia and the arm of the Iranian project in Yemen.

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