After his speech, which angered the Houthis, a government official: Two ballistic missiles targeted the “Al-Arada” brigade.


The Yemeni ambassador to UNESCO, Dr. Muhammad Jumaih, said that the Houthi coup militia targeted, in the past hours, the house of Major General Sultan Al-Arada, with two ballistic missiles.

All wrote in a tweet monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”: “Major General Al-Arada angered the remnants of the priesthood after he kindled the flame of September, and today’s strikes hurt them in Mala’a, south of Marib, so they targeted the governor’s house with two ballistic missiles.”

The Yemeni ambassador to UNESCO stressed that targeting the house of Major General Al-Arda and the coup militia’s attempt to eliminate the governor is a “full-fledged war crime.”

The targeting of al-Arada’s house came hours after a governor and Chief of General Staff Lieutenant-General Saghir bin Aziz ignited the mother torch of the 59th anniversary of the glorious September 26 revolution, in the city of Ma’rib.

During the ceremony, bin Aziz and Al-Arada ascended the torch stage, carrying torches, and lit the 59th mother torch of the glorious September 26 revolution, marking the start of popular and public joys, and emphasizing that the Yemeni revolution will remain glowing until the full realization of its lofty goals.

After the ceremony, Major General Al-Arada confirmed that the September 26 revolution will continue to blaze in the blood and veins of the Yemeni people as a whole, no matter what conspiracies it faces, stressing that Yemenis will preserve the September 26 revolution and sacrifice their lives and blood for it because it is a revolution of liberation, freedom, dignity and pride for all the people. .

Major General Sultan Al-Arada said, “Marib will remain a starting point for restoring the state and preserving the republic as the eyes of its eyes.” He also reassured all Yemenis that Marib, as it broke the militia’s thorn in the past, will destroy it and its project.

Commenting on the progress of the Houthi militia in southern Ma’rib, Al-Arada said, in a statement on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the eternal September 26 revolution, that the war was debated, adding: “I say it clearly and there is no harm in that. It is impossible for this militia group, with its lost project, to undermine a people’s revolution and identity.”

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