After his victory over the “Sana’a Unit”, “Fahman Abyan” is the champion of the Yemeni league for the first time


Today, Wednesday, Fahman Abyan club defeated its rival, Wehdat Sanaa, on penalties, and became the champion of the Yemeni Premier League for the first time in its history.

The match, which was hosted by the sports stadium in Seiyun, witnessed a large crowd.

The Yemeni league champion, Fahman, will receive a financial prize of $15,000, while the runner-up “Sana’a Unit” will receive $12,000, and Al-Ahly Sanaa will receive $8,000, being the third-place winner.

Fahman Abyan will directly receive the Yemeni League Shield for the 2021-2022 season, and the first place check will be signed by the President of the Federation Ahmed Al-Essa.

He entered Al Wahda with the ambition of achieving the title that he missed for 23 years, after winning the title four times in 79, 94, 96 and 97, while he has the league’s top scorer with seven goals, Mohamed Hashem.

And the Sana’a unit won the home and away matches against Fahmane with a score of four goals to one and two goals without a response.

As for Fahman Abyan, he entered the match looking for his first title in history, deriving from the positive results he achieved in this tournament, while his victory over Al-Ahly Sanaa in the quarter-finals boosted his chances of winning this match.

The Yemeni league started in mid-September with the group system, with the participation of 11 first-class clubs, while Aden clubs failed to participate in the tournament, as they were relegated to the League of Lights next to the youth of the generation.

The first-class clubs lasted forty-five days to return to the atmosphere of the tournament, which was halted by the war in 2015, while there were great competitions between these clubs to grab the top.

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