After leaving Ataq .. Revealing the reason for the Prime Minister’s visit to Shabwa and his first activity there


The Yemeni government revealed the reason for the visit of Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdul-Malik, on Monday, to Shabwa Governorate (south of the country).
The Prime Minister said that Abdul Malik arrived in Shabwa to see on the ground the military, security, economic, humanitarian, service and development conditions in Shabwa and the liberated governorates.
Informed sources said that Abdul Malik, accompanied by a number of ministers of legitimacy, was briefed upon his arrival on the progress of military operations against the Houthi terrorist forces, praising the role of the governor of Shabwa, military and security leaders and men of the national resistance.

During the visit, Abdul Malik met in Ataq, the capital of Shabwa governorate, with social, political and military figures from the governorate.
Abdul Malik also met with the governor of the province, Muhammad Saleh bin Adyo.
Activists on social media praised the government’s return to doing its business from the inside, in conjunction with a major collapse of the Yemeni riyal and the deterioration of economic conditions.
Informed sources revealed that the Prime Minister, Dr. left the city of Ataq in Shabwa governorate, hours after his arrival there, to another unnamed city.

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