After losing important areas in Hodeidah, the Houthi militia announces the strongest response against the legitimate government and the coalition


The Houthi militia vowed violent strikes in response to what it described as an “escalation” against it on a number of fronts.

The Houthi militia lost new areas in Hodeidah Governorate, during the battles on Friday, and the pro-government forces reached areas they had not reached since the militia coup in 2014.

In response, the militias vowed, through prominent leader Hussein Al-Ezzi, to escalate a counter-escalation by using all their forces.

Al-Ezzi added: “They started this stage and chose it, not us, but it is more certain than any other assertion that we, God willing, will determine when and how this escalating stage will end, which came to reflect their pathetic confusion.”

Earlier, Al-Ezzi said: “The coalition countries have launched a new wave of military operations against his group, by air and land in separate areas of Yemen, including Al-Hodeidah Governorate.”

The Houthi leader claimed that the military escalation of the coalition against the militias came as a kind of immediate response to America’s directions and the statements of its officials against his group, the latest of which was the statements of its envoy to Yemen.

He added, “This escalation proves once again Washington’s aggressiveness and reveals its inability to hide its obstruction to peace in Yemen, despite its pretending to the contrary, at the beginning of Biden’s rise.”

The Houthi leader concluded by saying: “Since the US special envoy to Yemen is the one who called for and incited this escalation, this is enough to realize that America can only be a source of wars and tragedies and not a source of peace.”

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