After pledging to protect them, the Houthis appoint a Salafi sheikh to an important position in the Ibb governorate, “a document”


The Houthi militia appointed a Salafi cleric in one of the important positions in Ibb Governorate, central Yemen, two years after the Houthi militia signed an agreement with the Salafists not to interfere with them and to allow them to practice their advocacy work in the modern role in the Houthi militia-controlled areas.

The “Yemeni Scene” obtained a copy of the Houthi ministerial decision issued by the office of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in Ibb Governorate, which included the assignment of Muin Al-Bahsh as director of the branch of the Social Affairs and Labor Office in Yarim District, Ibb Governorate.

The Houthi decision issued under the signature of Abdul Wali Al-Murtada included the implementation of the decision from the date of its issuance, which is on October 10, 2021 AD.

The Salafi Sheikh Mu’in al-Bahsh and the nickname Abu Abdullah works in Dar al-Hadith in Mabar as an Islamic preacher. He is also responsible for the Companions Center for Sharia Sciences in Yarim and is active in the field of charitable work, in addition to holding the position of head of the tribal custom council in the northern square, Ibb governorate.

The Houthi militia had signed two years ago to protect the Salafis with the Salafi Sheikh Muhammad al-Imam and committed themselves not to attack them, but it reneged on its promise in the middle of this year after the closure of Dar al-Hadith in the Hada district and the seizure of Dar al-Hadith in Zaraja, south of the capital, Sana’a.

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