After publishing scandalous photos… Emirati “Badr Khalaf” sends a message to Saudi Arabia, “Rahaf al-Qunun”


The controversial Emirati Badr is behind a veiled message that most of his followers agreed that he meant the young woman, Rahaf Al-Qunun, who caused an uproar because of her pictures and her recent display of her body.

Badr Khalaf published this message through his personal account on Twitter, attacking the body trading, and wrote: “She saw someone who gave her a face, she opened only fans! You see, we can all show our body and see millions in this way, Money Easy, but for a certain period, after people are bored of you.”

He asked, “What will you do? How do you see yourself? Respect and self-respect are not spread with worldly money. If you leave your body as a commodity, you lose yourself, your soul, and yourself.”

Comments on Badr’s tweet flooded, and some expressed their astonishment at this advice, even though it had useful implications, but they also demanded that he stop provoking controversy.

And in the comments of a number of followers, he said: “Speak to yourself first, then come and advise others.” You advise and pick your face with us, we Saudis in particular.”

Rahaf Al-Qunun had caused an uproar a few days ago after appearing in a way that seemed to be completely naked, and in another video, she kissed her friend from her mouth inside the car, which she posted on her Instagram account.

Al-Qunun was subjected to a stinging attack, as she intends to lead the trend with “immoral” methods and behavior, according to the opinion of her followers.

As for Badr Khalaf, he appeared a few days ago through a video clip revealing that he was harassed and said: “Today I felt the suffering of girls who suffer from harassment. I am inside the association in the safety of God. I went in until I got out, when I rang my car, it flew and left.. What’s in! People’s girls are not toys! Consider me your sister, consider me your relative!”

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