After refusing to pay royalties to a Houthi leader, the Houthis arrested a businessman in Ibb Governorate


The Houthi militia arrested a businessman in Ibb governorate after refusing to pay royalties to a Houthi leader or to enter a “protection” partner, which means sharing half of the profits with him in exchange for allowing him to work without any problems or objections.

And local sources told the Yemeni scene that the Houthis arrested the businessman Radwan Al-Wastah, and he was put in the Yarim Security Department.

The sources confirmed that Radwan Al-Wastah prison came after his refusal to pay royalties to one of the Houthi leaders in the Yarim area or to share in the profits in exchange for protecting him from the “imprisoners,” as he described it.

According to security sources, the imprisonment of the stooping businessman came on the basis of a note from the Public Funds Prosecution and that he was arrested to deliver him to the capital, Sana’a, according to Houthi security director Saddam Ghallab, but another officer in the security department said that the seizure order came due to a dispute over the land in which the businessman established his project. investment on it.

The Houthi militia can fabricate charges without any premeditation, and even carry out prison and death sentences without any evidence other than intimidating, humiliating and looting the community.

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