After removing the mines….the joint forces plant trees in their place in Hays


Military sources revealed that the engineering teams of the joint forces planted tree seedlings in the place of mines that they extracted in a humanitarian message to the United Nations and international organizations concerned with prosecuting users of these types of mines prohibited by the Ottawa Convention.

A military source in the joint forces stated that the engineering team in charge of clearing the recently discovered minefield south of the city of Hays removed and dismantled, today, Monday, October 11, dozens of mines, including 13 internationally prohibited mines, and anti-armor mines, most of which were converted by Iranian militias into individual mines through pedals.

He pointed out that work will continue until the stricken area is cleared and its people are able to return to their homes and farms.

In a press statement, the engineering team called on the United Nations to take serious action and put pressure on the Houthi militias to hand over mine maps in the liberated areas, especially individual mines, because of the danger they pose to the lives of civilians, as well as impeding their return to their homes from displacement camps.

He explained that the internationally banned individual minefield south of the city of Hais, is planted in a malicious engineering way and on large areas, and it needs a lot of time and effort to clear it. He also stressed that this field of internationally prohibited individual mines is sufficient to drag the Houthi militia to an international trial under the Ottawa Convention.

Pointing out that the aforementioned field is the largest among the fields that have been discovered and cleared along the liberated areas of the West Coast, in terms of area and the quantities of individual mines that are internationally prohibited.

I consider the joint forces engineering keenness to plant tree seedlings in place of individual mines as a message to all of humanity.

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