After repositioning, this is what Tariq Saleh will do in the coming days


Tariq’s forces were a few steps away from the port of Hodeidah, in al-Durayhimi. Al-Durayhimi is a huge district comparable to the area of ​​Dhamar. From Al-Durayhimi to the city center of Hodeidah, and to the port, a distance less than that separating the two houses [حوثي] And the city center of Taiz. Tariq left Al-Durayhi, then Bait Al-Faqih, and finally from Al-Tahita. Now the Houthis and Mocha are separated only by Khokha.

The morale of the media supporters of Tariq, including prominent media professionals, collapsed. Their situation is frightening, and alarming. One of them even wrote: The Houthis are terrified by the withdrawal of the National Resistance Forces from the Hodeidah districts.

He will apparently continue to withdraw until Mocha, then home to mansion, or an insider, depending on how you see the map.

Tariq Saleh knows the reason why he handed over the land to the Houthis. I’ve done the same thing many times before. When I asked Hadi’s Interior Minister during the fall of Sanaa, “Where were you when it was stormed?” He said: I fled to Ammar Saleh, and benefited from a personal relationship with him. Where was Ammar Saleh? I asked him. MP Hariri: He was in a special operations room supervising the fall of Sanaa. How did you spend that night? He said: In a daze, I watch and hear.

Only Tariq Saleh knows the reasons.

There is no positioning or empty talk in the matter. Tariq is not General Barbarossa, and his army is not an offshoot of the Marines. The UAE seized him while he was on the run with his shirts and made an army for him. For years, we were not even heard to question the extent to which his army was independent of its international maker. In the past years, the UAE has shown unparalleled aggression towards Yemen, even preventing qualified sports teams from participating in international tournaments held on its soil. Yemen was the only country to have this ban since the dawn of sport. The UAE did in Yemen what Iran did and more. Rather, it is much more than that: calculate it with paper and pen, with geography and piece, with basket and knife. You will not miscalculate, and you will not reach a different result. Inside this fact, we were not even allowed to ask about the man’s position on what the UAE is doing in his country, and why should we expect a purely Yemeni struggle from an Emirati “barracks” on the sea?

She’s giving up on Tarek, it seems. Or force him to show his true face: the hero made. The owner of the “Middle East Wars Maps” channel, a well-known Iraqi officer, was repeating the question: How did Tariq’s forces not move and storm Al-Barh from the west, as long as the Yemeni army had initiated the attack from the east. He decides: The Houthis completely secured the side of Tariq Saleh in the battles of Taiz.

Most likely, the manufacturer started to lag, and decided to close some of the brochures that are no longer of value. The UAE foreign policy is chaotic, calculating profit and loss in the balance in the manner of the Arabs of the thirteenth century. Based on emotions, on lightness, on the instinct for revenge, and on quick profit. The UAE economy is based on the sale of oil, and this process does not cost any effort. Foreign policy is based on the same strategy: win quick, or leave. The entire Emirates was built from scratch to the tower in seventy days [مثلاً]. History teaches people to slow down, persevere, to wait, to calculate complicated and distant. The Iranian is described as a carpet maker, as is the Iranian politician. Selling carpets is different from selling oil, and they leave two completely different effects on the sellers: one is light and emotional, and the other is patient and calm. As soon as the rules change, the Emirates jump off the wagon. Review the changes in its policy toward Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, Turkey, and Qatar over the past months. One thing to the other. Yesterday, it took care of repairing what the fires destroyed in Turkey, and made payments of tens of millions, and soon it will leave Haftar in the desert of his country. The allies of the Emirates are the most miserable people ever. We have the most talented Hani Bin Brik: His defiance reached such an extent that he was threatening the Yemeni team with a crushing defeat, which he would take from his Emirati “team”. Feel it and you will know what happened to him.

If the UAE actually withdrew from Shabwa, this means that it has lost interest in the Yemeni issue. Its allies will find themselves naked and hungry, and thus will reposition themselves in a way that will allow them to distribute the remainder of the “expense”. Tomorrow they will lose the game to the end.

Tariq will increase in the coming days of positioning. And each time his position would be shocking to those who searched for a hero or savior in him.

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