After Saudi Arabia’s acquisition of it… Newcastle establishes a new era


Newcastle, which is battling to stay in the English Premier League, made headlines around the world by establishing a new era with its new Saudi owners, when it hosts Tottenham.

Newcastle will host Tottenham Hotspur at its home, St James’ Park, in the most prominent matches of the eighth stage of the English Premier League.

Newcastle fans dream that the club will regain its glory after the Saudi Public Investment Fund, headed by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, acquired this club with a great history and a wide audience, but it has been faltering in football for years.

And Newcastle can look forward to a bright future after 418 million dollars were pumped to buy 80% of the club’s shares, especially with the departure of the old owner, Mike Ashley, and the great financial ability of the new owners who are ready to spend millions to make the team a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

But before Newcastle can follow the example of Emirati-owned Manchester City, they must start achieving their first victory in the “Premier League” this season by beating the stubborn Tottenham, who is eighth in the league standings.

Newcastle currently occupies 19th place, penultimate, with three points from three draws and four defeats, and it must rise in the next rounds to avoid relegation to the lower division.

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