After several weeks of siege, the fact that the Abdiya district fell into the hands of the Houthi militia


In the past hours, media affiliated with the Houthi militia published news claiming that the militias had taken control of the Abdiya district, south of Ma’rib Governorate (east of Yemen).

These rumors, spread by the Houthi coup militia, come after their inability to storm the Abdiya district, despite the imposition of a stifling siege on the district several weeks ago.

Military and field sources confirmed that, so far, the besieged Al-Ubaidiya district has not and will not be overthrown by the Houthi criminal gang, as its false media is circulating.

The sources said that the sons of Abdiya continue to suffer the Houthis the worst torment despite the suffocating siege, and this is a clear exposure of the weakness and ruggedness of the defeated Houthi.

Emphasizing that Al-Abdiyyah is still facing the criminality of the terrorist Houthi militia alone, despite the great betrayal faced by the Directorate by internal and external parties.

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