After she uttered indecent expressions in a circulating video… The Public Prosecution Office in Saudi Arabia summons a woman for interrogation


A source in the Saudi Public Prosecution revealed that, based on what was monitored and submitted by the Parliamentary Monitoring Center regarding the appearance of a woman in a clip circulating on social media, uttering indecent words, she was summoned to initiate legal procedures against her and investigate her about the content of the video content of indecent expressions. Indecent, violating public morals, and violating societal values

The source said that the penalties related to video recording and publishing and promoting its content are subject to the provisions of the Anti-Cybercrime Law and affect anyone who did so, incited others, helped him, or agreed with him to commit any of these criminal acts legally and legally.

The source also called on users of modern technology and social media channels to use them in a safe and ethical manner that does not deviate from public morals and societal values, and to deal with its pioneers in a way that enhances the protection of the public interest and public morals.

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