After taking control of Harib, the Houthi militia attacks the army forces on a different front in Marib, and the bodies are scattered in the lines of contact.


The Houthi militia re-attacked the positions of the National Army and the Popular Resistance in the Al-Kasara front, west of Marib Governorate, coinciding with a cautious calm witnessed on the fronts of the Harib District, which the militias recently controlled.

And the Media Center of the Armed Forces quoted a military source as saying: The Houthi militia launched a violent attack on the positions of the National Army and the Resistance on the Kasara front, with various types of weapons.

The source confirmed that the heroes of the army and the resistance put down the Houthi attack, after fierce battles with various types of weapons, which resulted in the fall of the majority of the Houthi elements among the dead, wounded and captive, while the rest of them escaped, noting that the bodies of the Houthi elements are still scattered in the seam areas.

This comes in light of sporadic clashes on the fronts of the Harib district, and a cautious calm is taking place on the Ma’la front, according to field sources.

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