After the death of a female citizen in Egypt… the embassy in Cairo issues an explanatory statement regarding the fees for the dead bodies


The Yemeni embassy issued a clarification statement regarding the fees of the mortuary processing office after the death of a Yemeni citizen in Cairo.

The embassy said in a statement that the Yemeni scene obtained a copy of it:

“The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Cairo followed up on what was circulated by some media outlets and electronic communication sites about the embassy’s collection of sums of money to grant the death certificate and the procedures for burial of state nationals who died in Egypt…

And the reference to Yemeni citizenship is the look of Abdul-Wahed Abdul-Khaleq, who passed away in Al-Warraq Hospital.

And the embassy, ​​being surprised by the publication of such news that is not based on any evidence, confirms the following:

The service of preparing and burying the dead in the Arab Republic of Egypt is entrusted to private offices authorized to provide these services by the concerned authorities in the country of accreditation. The offer of the mouse office is the cheapest at 1,600 Egyptian pounds for those who choose to be buried within the country of accreditation and 3,600 Egyptian pounds for those who wish to transfer the bodies to the inside, and it is an optional service that any citizen can request for a substitute from any other party working in this field, whether it is private or charitable…

The embassy provides burial permits free of charge and for those who wish to contract with any party that is not agreed upon with the embassy, ​​they have the full right to do so, and they can obtain a burial permit free of charge from the consular section at any time, even on official holidays.

The embassy appeals to all state nationals residing in Egypt, in case they need any of its services or encounter any problems, to communicate with the embassy through the numbers published on its website, which works around the clock, and to seek help from specialists at any time.

The embassy wishes the media to investigate accuracy and credibility when publishing such news, and to communicate with the official channels in the embassy to verify it before publishing.

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