After the dollar exceeded the barrier of 1200 riyals… Aden Money Exchange Association issues an important circular


This evening, Saturday, the Aden Money Exchange Association issued an important circular to all exchange shops and companies, calling on them to stop all networks from the host starting from 8 pm today, Saturday, until further notice.

In the circular, which “Yemeni Mashhad” obtained a copy of, the association called for stopping all coverages on accounts via phone and social media platforms.

The circular reads as follows:

Brothers / facilities and exchange companies.

Brothers / local money transfer networks. Gentlemen

After greetings and appreciation,,,,,

_*Subject: Suspension of all transfer networks and coverage*_

With reference to the above subject…

According to the directives of the Central Bank

The following was decided:

1- Stop all networks from the host *[ HOST ]* After eight in the evening, Saturday, 9/25/2021, until further notice.

2 – Suspension of all accounts covered by social media, WhatsApp and phones.





issued by:

* Aden Exchangers Association

About them: _* Subhi Baghfar*_

*Official Spokesperson for Aden Money Changers Association*

The circular of the Aden Money Exchange Association came after a crazy and unprecedented rise in foreign exchange rates against the dollar, as the US dollar exceeded the barrier of 1200 Yemeni riyals, while the Saudis reached more than 320 riyals, before falling slightly this evening, Saturday.

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