After the Houthis’ control, “Shabwa” hosts the largest and most important public meeting and a difference in its history


The preparatory committee for the public meeting called for by a member of the Yemeni parliament, Sheikh Awad bin Muhammad bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki, set next Tuesday as a date for it to be held in Shabwa Governorate, in an important meeting and a difference in the history and future of the governorate, and it will be the largest and most important.

The committee said in a statement, that the date of the meeting, which brings together all the sects of Shabwa, from its east to its west and from its north to its south, will be Tuesday, 11/16/2021 AD, in Al-Watah at nine in the morning.

This comes after Sheikh Al-Awlaki recently returned to the Nisab district and called for an expanded meeting for all the people of Shabwa, in order to consult on the future of the governorate and its tragic situation.

The Houthi rebels had taken control of three districts north of the province.

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