After the Houthis re-used the damaged cylinders from the gas company.. He witnessed the injury of an entire family with burns when a gas cylinder exploded in Sana’a


The explosion of a damaged gas cylinder caused burns to an entire family, including children, in the capital, Sana’a.

Local sources told the Yemeni scene today, Friday, that the family of the Yemeni citizen Kamal Ali Al-Matari and the tenant of a house in the Al-Sunina neighborhood in the capital, Sanaa, suffered minor injuries and second-degree burns as a result of the explosion of a damaged gas cylinder, which the Houthi militia returned to work from the warehouses of the National Gas Company, which it intended to destroy after being assembled in Company stores.

The sources added that Al-Matari’s family was transferred to the Republican Governmental Hospital, which is close to the scene of the accident, which the militia has transferred to a private hospital to receive treatment, and that the hospital is still threatening to expel the injured as a result of not paying the treatment costs in full.

The sources confirmed that Sana’a is witnessing the biggest crisis in domestic gas after the militia suffocated the citizens and prevented the entry of gas from the areas of the legitimate government in an attempt by the Houthis to introduce gas from it for illegal profit at the expense of the suffering of Yemenis.

The price of a puzzle cylinder rose to more than 13,000 riyals, a package of 15 kilos only, which is sold in Ma’rib for only two thousand riyals, and the rest is paid to the militia, which it imposes in its black market places of sale.

The Houthi militia, immediately after its coup against power by the militia’s supervisor in the National Gas Company, which monopolizes the process of selling gas in Yemen, returned the damaged cylinders, which the company had collected in its warehouses for the purpose of destroying them due to their danger, but the militia returned them to work and filled them and replaced them with new gas cylinders for citizens within the framework of The largest crime of corruption claimed the lives of dozens of Yemeni families.

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