After the Houthis used their latest weapons in the district, the Health Office in Marib issues an urgent statement regarding Abdiya


The Office of Public Health and Population in the Marib Governorate announced, late on Wednesday evening, the Abdiya district, south of Marib, a “disaster area”, after the Iranian-backed Houthi militia bombed the only hospital in it.

In a statement, the office condemned the Houthi militia’s bombing of the “Ali Abdul-Mughni” hospital in the Abdiya district, and the children’s food center in the hospital, while a number of children and wounded civilians received treatment for their injuries caused by the militia’s targeting of their homes on Wednesday morning.

The office said that the bombing resulted in significant damage to the hospital, and forced the Health Department of the Directorate to evacuate the sick and wounded, including wounded members of the Houthi militia who were arrested by the legitimate government forces.

The health office in Marib, Al-Abdiya district, declared a disaster area, stressing that it is experiencing a human tragedy as a result of the applied siege, and the bombing of the only hospital in it, as it is unpredictable about the extent of human suffering that may occur in light of the continued bombing of villages and homes.

The office said that the bombing of the hospital came at a time when the Houthi militia has prevented medicines, supplies and medical staff from reaching the district since it imposed a siege on it on September 21, threatening the lives of 37,000 people in the district.

The office indicated that the bombing of Al-Abdiya Hospital comes as part of a systematic operation by the Houthis to target health facilities, which led to the destruction of 17 medical facilities and health facilities in the governorate, killing seven doctors and health workers, and wounding seven other health personnel in the governorate since the start of its war on Marib in 2015.

The office considered that targeting hospitals and medical staff is among the violations classified as “war crimes” in international humanitarian law.

The Marib Health Office of the International Red Cross called for an emergency response to the serious humanitarian situation in Abdiya and the speedy provision of urgent medical services, calling on international bodies to pressure the Houthi militia, implement the measures stipulated by international humanitarian law, open safe corridors to rescue the affected, protect the population and civilian objects, and provide food and medicine for women. children, evacuating the wounded and sick, and stopping war crimes committed in the district.

It is worth noting that the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced earlier yesterday (Wednesday) that it carried out 19 specific attacks to protect civilians in Abdiya within twenty-four hours.

In a statement yesterday, the coalition revealed the destruction of 12 vehicles, and the casualties of more than 108 terrorist elements, and the coalition affirmed its commitment to supporting the Yemeni National Army and protecting Yemeni citizens from the militias’ oppression.

Yesterday, the Houthi militia targeted the villages and hospital of the Abdiya district, with artillery and ballistic missiles, as its latest crimes to exhaust their residents, after failing to make any progress towards them for weeks.

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