After the painful strikes in Hodeidah and Marib, the Houthi militia acquiesces and demands a halt to the escalation and calls on its supporters to take to the streets and appeal to the world


The voices of the Houthi militia calling for a halt to the military escalation in Yemen have risen, after more than 10 months of local and international calls to stop their attack on Marib.

The Houthi militia called on its supporters to go out in rallies in a number of provinces to demand what it described as a halt to the US military and economic escalation and the continuation of the siege and aggression, as it put it.

The militias had earlier condemned the movement of a number of fronts against them in Taiz, Hodeidah and Al-Dhalea, considering this an American escalation against them.

The militias vowed, earlier, through the impersonator of the deputy foreign minister, in the coup government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, to counter-escalate, accusing the US envoy of calling for an escalation against them.

Al-Ezzi said: “They started this stage and chose it, not us, but it is more certain than any other certainty that we, God willing, will determine when and how this escalatory stage, which came to reflect their pathetic confusion, will end.” He added, “The coalition countries launched a wave New military operations against his group, by air and by land, in separate areas of Yemen, including Hodeidah Governorate.”

The Houthi leader claimed that the military escalation of the coalition against the militias came as a kind of immediate response to America’s directions and the statements of its officials against his group, the latest of which was the statements of its envoy to Yemen.

“This escalation proves once again Washington’s aggressiveness and reveals its inability to hide its position obstructing peace in Yemen, despite its pretending to the contrary, at the beginning of Biden’s rise,” he added.

The Houthi leader concluded by saying: “Since the US special envoy to Yemen is the one who called for and incited this escalation, this is enough to realize that America can only be a source of wars and tragedies and not a source of peace.”

This came after the withdrawal of the joint forces from the Stockholm Agreement areas in the Hodeidah governorate and the movement of the forces stationed in the city towards the governorates of Taiz and Ibb.

Since last February, Houthi attacks on the city of Marib have escalated, amid rejection of all calls to stop the attack on the city and targeting civilians, and its continued attacks on various Yemeni regions and southern Saudi Arabia, and its recent control of the Stockholm Agreement areas in Hodeidah.

Militia attacks on Marib escalated, after the Biden administration removed the Houthi group from the list of terrorist organizations, which the administration of former President “Donald Trump” included among extremist entities, in the last days of his presidential term.

Observers considered the removal of the militias from the list of terrorist organizations, as an encouragement to them to continue their aggression against Yemenis, which they have already confirmed, as they launched their latest aggression against Marib.

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