After the sanitation workers were transferred to fight in Marib, the Houthis assign school students to clean the neighborhoods (document)


The Houthi militia assigned school students – private and governmental – in the capital, Sana’a, to carry out hygiene campaigns and form committees dedicated to this, including cleaning schools and reaching residential neighborhoods after the Houthi militia forced cleaners to participate in the fighting fronts in Ma’rib Governorate.

Today, Wednesday, the Yemeni scene was briefed on a directive issued by the dynastic leader Abdul Qader Al-Mahdi, who is the director of the Education Office in the capital Sana’a, which was directed to the directors of private and government schools and includes 20 articles that force students to clean, starting from schools and reaching residential neighborhoods, after the Houthi militia transferred the majority of cleaners. To fight on the fronts, only the elderly and those afflicted with a disease that prevented them from fighting, in addition to the women, remained.

The Houthi directive included obligating the parents to form committees to pay the costs of hygiene through parents’ councils, as part of the Houthi militia’s attempt to loot the citizens after bearing all the teachers’ expenses, paying teachers’ salaries and buying books for the Houthi militia, which abandoned its responsibility for everything.

The Houthi militia paid the cleaners, whom they call “Bilal’s grandchildren”, to fight on the fronts by raising their morale with false titles and threatening them to stop the payment of their salaries, which are paid to them monthly in very small amounts.

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