After the statement of the Ataq axis about them… Dissidents from the axis respond and accuse the axis of handing over Bayhan to the Houthis


A number of dissidents from the Ataq axis in Shabwa responded to a communiqué published by the axis to public opinion, in which he disclosed the reality of those splits.

A number of defectors said in response to the axis’s communiqué, which they described as (weak), that it did not come with anything new except to clarify the reality of those who are in charge of the governorate’s leadership and its military apparatus, and that they fired the accusations arbitrarily. Where did he miss his keenness to work and carry out the tasks, while we are absent from the axis, why did he not take any penalties at the time..?!.

The defectors confirmed in press statements that the leadership of the axis did not find anything to cover up the scandal of handing over the Bayhan districts to the Houthis easily and through prior understanding between them, other than issuing that communiqué, which was written with ink that does not understand anything but to export accusations to others, and we were hoping for a response from the battlefield and the liberation of the Bayhan districts, Instead of turning around and diverting the course of the battle to the Al-Alam camp, encircling it and besieging it, to get the sons of Shabwa out of it, and they are his soldiers from the youth of the province who stand united to fight the Houthi militias whenever they are asked.

The Ataq axis had issued a statement confirming that “the dissidents did not stay even for a day in the axis and only appeared in that play that was drawn for them by those who want to undermine the national army and cast doubt on it at this dangerous stage the country is going through.”

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