After their release, a Houthi court takes a new decision regarding the defendants in the “Sultana Palace” case of Balqis Al-Haddad


Today, Wednesday, the Houthi militia announced that it had brought the defendants released on bail, in the case of the so-called “Sultana Palace” belonging to “Bilqis Al-Haddad” by a court ruling.

The Saba Agency, which is under the control of the Houthi militia, said that “the Public Funds and Anti-Corruption Court in the capital’s secretariat decided to bring the accused who did not attend court sessions from those who were released on guarantee, by force, in the case of the so-called “Sultana Palace” group, which is headed by Bilqis. Al-Haddad, where about 82 defendants, both men and women, are on trial.

During the session, which was chaired by the President of the Court, Judge Sawsan Al-Houthi, and in the presence of the Public Prosecutor, Judge Amal Al-Jalal, the court approved the release of one of the accused on bonds, bringing the number of those released by the court on bonds to nine.

The Houthi agency stated that 5 of the accused are still fugitives from justice, as the court decided to ban all the accused from traveling, noting that “only 13 accused, six women and seven men, of the 82 accused are no longer in prison.”

“Saba” indicated that “some of the defendants presented their arguments with their lawyers to the court, while others requested another opportunity to present them. The court also decided to give the defendants the opportunity to present what they had for next Wednesday’s session, and to continue hearing the case in accordance with the law.”

The agency pointed out that “this is the 12th session held by the court since the start of the trial on August 18, in which 82 defendants, including 52 women, are being tried for fraud, fraud and money laundering, in the case of the so-called “Sultana Palace Group”.

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