Ahmed Ali Saleh calls on the members of the conference to draw lessons and restore the goals of the October 14 revolution


Ahmed Ali, son of the late President Ali Saleh, called on the Yemeni people in general, led by the conferences and conferences, to draw lessons and lessons from the revolutionary epic of the October 14 revolution and to restore its glamor, values ​​and noble goals that everyone today desperately needs to restore the homeland engulfed in crippling ordeals of long duration. Its repercussions are unacceptable.

Where Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh sent a congratulatory cable to the leaders, cadres, members and supporters of the General People’s Congress and all the Yemeni people on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the eternal revolution of the 14th of October, which started its first spark from the proud mountains of Radfan thanks to the blood of the martyr Lubouza and his companions and the sacrifices of the people of the south of the country from all Categories of the people, support for the September revolution and the honorable Arab leap, and hastened the deliverance from the usurping colonizer to write the end of 129 years of occupation and domination, and restore the spirit of Yemeni sovereignty and consideration for Arab dignity in a bitter era in which Yemen and the entire nation were exposed to conspiracies and wars.

Expressing feelings of pride and pride in that great October victory, which embodied the brightest image of the oneness of the revolution and Yemeni identity, and proved the greatness of Yemenis and their ability to make feats and make miracles when the will is available and the struggle and destiny are united for the sake of the pride of Yemen and the dignity of its people.

Appreciating the sacrifices of the martyrs, fighters, and the masses of the struggling people, militarily, politically and culturally, and their insistence on the victory of their revolution until it culminated in the achievement of independence on the thirtieth of November, calling for the need to preserve the gains of the two cohesive revolutions, so that those massive sacrifices and pure blood would not be wasted, and their dreams of tomorrow and new generations be lost. bright.

Expressing his hope that calls for peace and dialogue will be heard to return to the path of righteousness in order to avoid more destruction, hatred, and the loss of lives that deserve life like all other human beings, and to provide the energies wasted in conflicts and chaos for reconstruction, security, stability and development, turning the page on the past, and turning to the desired future.

He asks the Almighty to restore this occasion to our homeland, when peace and stability have come upon him, and to our people, whose smile and right to life and prosperity have returned to them.

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