Ahmed Ali sends an important invitation to conferences and conferences


This evening, Saturday, Brigadier General Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh called on all conferences and conferences and the entire Yemeni people, to preserve the goals of the September 26 revolution and its great national achievements.

This came in a congratulatory message sent by Brigadier General Ahmed Ali to the leaders, cadres, members and supporters of the General People’s Congress and the Yemeni people on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the eternal September 26 revolution.

He stressed that the September 26 revolution was not only a revolution against tyranny, but a human revolution derived from the spirit of true Islam, which came to justice and equality between people and the preservation of public and private rights and freedoms, in which all segments of Yemeni society participated, against the reactionary and backward Imami rule.

He pointed out that the revolution of the twenty-sixth of September and the fourteenth of October is the difference between two times and two eras, the time of injustice, ignorance, poverty and disease, and the time of freedom, dignity, justice, equality, construction and development.

Brigadier General Ahmed Ali also stressed the need to preserve the goals of the September Revolution, as it is the most prominent and most important historical achievement linked to everything beautiful in our lives and the future of our generations.

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