Air navigation returns to Abha International Airport in Saudi Arabia after it was targeted by the Houthis


Today, Thursday, Saudi media confirmed the return of air navigation to Abha International Airport, after a 40-minute pause, after an attempt to target it with a booby-trapped drone by the terrorist Houthi militia.
The media said that flights at Abha International Airport were resumed after a 40-minute pause.
The airport witnessed the continuation of travel procedures in a smooth manner, as well as continuing to receive planes, with a turnout of visitors to the Asir region, while the injuries were limited to 4 minor injuries to workers who were treated, according to the media.

In the early hours of Thursday, the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced the destruction of the launch site of the booby-trapped march that tried to target Abha airport.
In a statement, the coalition indicated that the targeting operation in Saada governorate included the launch pad and the booby-trapped and launch crew.

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