“Aisha Al-Awlaki” puts “Hussein Moheb” in trouble after the latter’s inability to practice his currency at the Cultural Attaché in Cairo


The new cultural attache, the artist Hussein Moheb, who was recently appointed as a cultural attache to the Yemeni Cultural Attache in the Arab Republic of Egypt, was unable to succeed the veteran Yemeni advisor, Dr. Aisha Al-Awlaki, who is still practicing her work until the moment.

Student sources told the Yemeni scene today, Friday, that the Yemeni popular artist Hussein Moheb has not yet been able to receive a currency in the Yemeni cultural attaché, despite his appointment to his position in the middle of last month.

The sources added that the decision to appoint Hussein Moheb met with strong opposition immediately after his appointment from more than one side, which focused in its entirety on the limited educational and cultural level compared to the culture of Dr. Lover in the cultural attaché.

The sources confirmed that supporters of the decision to appoint Hussein Moheb criticized the Yemeni embassy in Cairo for standing with Al-Awlaki and not enabling Moheb to work according to regional grounds, since Al-Awlaki belongs to the temporary capital of Aden, and Moheb is affiliated with the Yemeni capital, Sana’a. She is very old, as her birth dates back to the first half of the sixties of the last century, in addition to the necessity of working with the principle of job rotation on which the Arab Spring revolution was based in Yemen, or is it shortened to the position of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh only.

Among the supporters and opponents of the decision to appoint Moheb as Al-Awlaki’s successor, the Houthi militia entered the crisis line in an attempt to thwart the legitimate government in the decision-making process, which is dominated by speed and randomness.

It is worth mentioning that the artist Hussein Moheb is one of the Yemeni artists who excelled in folk and heritage singing with some updates in it, while Dr. Aisha Al-Awlaki is one of the first Yemeni women who worked in the Yemeni diplomatic corps. She is good at writing, especially poetry, and has the novel “12th Street”, which was published in 2017 AD and was honored More than once .

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