Al-Abdiyyah… Battles are the fiercest, and the militia is pushing for major reinforcements to storm the directorate. “New field details”


A tribal source confirmed that the military battles intensified, two days ago, in the Abdiya district, south of Ma’rib Governorate (east of the country).
The source said that the terrorist Houthi militia mobilized large numbers of its fighters, and reinforced them with large quantities of weapons and ammunition, in a new attempt to storm the besieged district three weeks ago.
The source confirmed that about 100 fighters of the Directorate and members of the National Army stationed there were killed or wounded during the recent battles in Abdiya, in light of the lack of hospitals and medicines to treat the wounded due to the siege.
According to the source, the Houthi militia suffers enormous material and human losses, stressing that dozens of its members are killed on a daily basis.

The source pointed out that violent battles are currently taking place in Bani Abd and the Khirfan sector, in which various types of weapons are used.

The source explained that the Arab coalition forces launched very intensive raids on Houthi sites in Abdiya, and within hours their number reached about 30 raids.
The source pointed out that there are more than 2,000 soldiers and officers in the National Army forces in the Abdiya district, along with the tribes.

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