Al-Abediyah exposes the Houthis!


For weeks, the Houthis have been unable to enter the Abdiya area south of Marib, although they possess tanks, missiles, armored vehicles and drones, while the besieged sons of Abdiya who are defending their land have only Kalashnikovs.

The struggle of the sons of Al-Abdiyyah revealed the weakness and weakness of Al-Houthi, and stressed that Al-Houthi could never bring down any region with his power, despite his possession of the most powerful weapons. Children and women and blow up homes and mosques?

In general, the Houthis gain power over the innocent, women and children, but they are too cowardly to confront men, and therefore resort to betrayals, and this is not the first time. The Yemenis have exposed the weakness, cowardice, and weakness of this group in Dammaj, Hajour, Atma and Haima, Taiz, whose sons confronted the Houthis with personal weapons, and yet he remained helpless for days. about entering the area.

Therefore, if the state focuses on confronting the issue of betrayals, it will have pressured Al-Houthi from the hand that hurts him and from his weak point, and then this group will end, and it will not exist without the presence of betrayals because it lives, breathes and subsists on it!

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