Al-Ahmar admits giving the Houthis an opportunity to escalate in the wake of parliamentary calls to move all fronts


Today, Thursday, the Vice President of the Republic, Lieutenant-General Ali Mohsen Saleh Al-Ahmar, admitted giving the Houthi rebels an opportunity to escalate, following parliamentary calls to mobilize all fronts.
During his meeting with the Swedish Special Envoy to Yemen Peter Semneby, he referred to the adverse results of the Stockholm Agreement after the Houthis abandoned it with the support of Iran and emptied it of its content and even exploited it as a protection card for them and an opportunity to mobilize and escalate towards other regions and commit various crimes and actions threatening the security of Yemen and the region.
He pointed out that at the same time, in return for this procrastination of the Houthis, the international community did not abide by its role in supervising and controlling the implementation of the agreement to be a correct step towards lasting peace, as all the Yemeni people had hoped.
He stressed that the brutal siege and deprivation of the most basic necessities of life are being subjected to the Abdiya district of Marib governorate, exposing more than 35,000 civilians to the threat of genocide, and the escalation of ballistic missiles and drones that other Yemeni cities and regions are being exposed to in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And the international community complacency in its implementation, which pushed the Houthi militia to go further and allowed it to continue to import weapons and Iranian support.
He stressed the need for the international community to exert real pressure on the coup militia and to condemn its terrorist escalation and crimes against civilians and its intention to compound the humanitarian crisis.
He praised the role of the Kingdom of Sweden in support of Yemen and efforts to bring peace to it. He reiterated support for the UN efforts to establish lasting peace based on the three references.
He reiterated the government’s keenness to complete the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement to alleviate the suffering of Yemenis caused by the Houthi coup.
For his part, the Swedish envoy affirmed his country’s support for Yemen and the international efforts to achieve peace.
He pointed to the role that his country plays in the humanitarian aspect and alleviating the suffering of Yemenis.
38 deputies in the Yemeni parliament from all party blocs (Congress, Islah, Nasserist, Socialist, Change, Solidarity, Justice, Liberals and Independents) called on President Hadi to cancel the Stockholm Agreement and direct the army to liberate the remainder of the city of Hodeidah and move all military fronts in the rest of the governorates to liberate them, leading to the liberation of the capital, Sanaa.

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