“Al-Akimi” speaks frankly about the reasons for the fall of Al-Jawf and gives good tidings, “Soon the province will return to legitimacy.”


A tribal sheikh who speaks his tongue the wisdom of Yemenis without fear or apprehension, speaks reality without reservation or prejudice, criticizes or thanks without discrimination, advises honestly, and fights honorably. He summed up the problem and the solution in two words: “Iran wants to control the region and elections are the gateway to peace between Yemeni citizens, not masters.” Nor slaves.
In his interview with (Yemen Al-Youm), Amin Al-Akimi, Governor of Al-Jawf, was speaking with the frankness of the tribesmen, the wisdom of the sheikh, the courage of the Yemeni, the patriotic devotion and the Arab understanding of the battle.
He focused on the need to support, arm and train the army to confront the Houthis, and advised the Saudis to support decisiveness to expel Iran from Yemen and leave the concerns of balances.
The governor of Al-Jawf denied that the fall of the province was due to corruption and attributed this to the lack of capabilities, but he confirmed that the decision to withdraw was made without his knowledge and demanded an investigation committee. He also criticized the coalition’s method of emptying the fronts through the policy of attracting fighters to the borders with salaries in Saudi currency, while army personnel are without salaries.
Al-Akimi called on the Islah and the Congress parties to put Yemen before their eyes, and discard their differences, and wished to see the weight of the Congress in the field as Reform, and stressed that Yemen’s ally is currently Saudi Arabia and there is no other ally unless it decides to leave Yemen to Iran.
He said that Iran is a project and only an integrated project, militarily, politically and economically, is facing it.
What drew me to the following meeting with Sheikh Al-Ukimi:
The frankness of the opponent’s assessment: We (Al-Houthi) beat us.
– Kabir does not harbor malice to those who criticize him: Greetings to him (Hassan Abkar), there is no disagreement with (Hashem Al-Ahmar), we are fighting in one trench (the Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff).
The integrity of the leader (I have no money and I demand an investigation and inspection committee).
What also caught me by short and explicit words in the language of a tribal sheikh without pretension:
– Loyalty of an ally: Our Saudi allies, Islah sacrifices in the field, the president is on top of international politics, and the government has to support the national army.
– The depth of the community’s understanding: the coalition does not understand the tribes’ laws, their orientations, and their needs to mobilize with them.
Al-Jawf Governor Amin Al-Akimi concluded by preaching the liberation of all of Yemen and said: Soon Al-Jawf will return to legitimacy, and the people of Al-Jawf will have a prominent role and will be at the forefront of the ranks after understanding the Houthi and Iran project,
He added: We will confront the Houthi-Iran project, even if we are left with only an inch of land to stand on.

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