“Al-Arada confirms that the war is a debate, and Marib will remain a starting point for restoring the state.”


The Governor of Marib Governorate, Major General Sultan Al-Arada, stressed that Yemenis will preserve the September 26 revolution and sacrifice their lives and blood for it, because it is a revolution of emancipation, freedom, dignity and pride for all the people.

He added, “The September 26 revolution will continue to blaze in the blood and veins of the Yemeni people as a whole, no matter how many conspiracies they face.”

Major General Al-Arada called on the media to be accurate and investigate the facts in reporting news at this stage, and to leave the leaks.

He said: “The war is a debate, and I say it clearly and there is no harm in that. Its logic may be taken or it may return to another, and a mountain may be taken and another be restored, but it is impossible for this militia group to obtain its lost project from a people’s revolution and identity.”

Al-Arada stressed, “The Yemenis will not accept being ruled by this militia, and that Marib will remain rebellious and a starting point for restoring the Yemeni state, and the republic will preserve its eyes.”

He concluded his speech after igniting the torch of the September 26 revolution by saying: “I assure all Yemenis and assure them that Marib, as it broke the militia’s thorn in the past, will eliminate it and its project in the end, God Almighty.”

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